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956423 ideas

956423 ideas

Innovation starts with ideas - No ideas, no innovation
It's our mission to enable everyone to create great ideas: ideas that you would never have imagined on your own; ideas that will lead to great new products; ideas that will build a better world. Innovation Factory have developed innovation management software and an idea challenge approach that ensure success in online idea generation. It focuses the energy of the group on the right issues. It ensures the right people get involved in ideas they really can add to. It guarantees all available knowledge, expertise and ideas are used to create the best ideas imaginable.
2543267 People

2543267 People

Connect the Dots - Smart Social Software
Although the concept of online ideation is simple, the real challenge lies in the execution. How to make sure that we involve all the right people and make use of all available expertise? How can we make the online discussion productive and ensure all people with relevant knowledge, expertise and ideas get connected to the idea? Along the way, our innovation management software builds up knowledge profiles of participants to help you find exactly the person to develop their idea further, even if this person is on the other side of the world.
One Brain

One Brain

On Demand Knowledge Management
In our view ideation is not just about ideas. It's about tapping the tacit knowledge that's hidden in the back of the minds of employees. Capturing this knowledge is key to success in collaborative ideation because it makes small ideas bigger, or even makes impossible ideas easy to implement! It would be a pity if this knowledge were discarded again when ideation is finished. Our innovation management software automatically builds up a knowledge base of everything that's posted. It creates a single brain for your company that everybody can use.